Top warehousing trends to look out for in 2020

While the new year has just started we wanted to share an overview of the most important trends that are impacting the industry.

1. On-demand warehousing is here to stay On-demand warehousing has often been called the Airbnb of warehousing. This comparison does sound quite logical as people are starting to find warehouse space and pay for what they use. On-demand warehousing provides a flexible solution for various companies in need of shared warehousing and logistics services. The concept is particularly popular within the growing e-commerce sector, and therefore, we are confident on-demand warehousing is here to stay.

2. Steady growth of e-commerce With the rise of e-commerce, warehouses have become the ‘new’ brick-and-mortar in retail. As consumers are expecting faster deliveries and are more likely to return products they bought online, companies are seeking warehouses that cater to the new demands. Either located closer to the consumer, in small urban hubs, or in bigger warehouses with streamlined business operations. 

3. Regional warehouses are gaining popularity A change in customer demand requires companies to act fast and provide same-day deliveries. Therefore, some of the biggest and most popular retailers are already looking for regional and local warehouses and other companies are expected to follow.   

4. The Internet of Things (IoT) will increase visibility People have been talking about the Internet of Things for some time now, yet an increase in adaptation and implementation is expected in 2020 Many companies are seeking to integrate their equipment & machinery with their computer system, ultimately increasing visibility and end-to-end tracking, automated tasking, and real-time analytics.

5. Increased use of robotics The robotics industry is evolving, and in logistics, the use of robots has improved quality and price over the past few years. Leveraging technology will help you reduce processing errors, automate tasks, reduce labor costs and injuries, and gain a competitive edge while assigning more complex tasks to your staff.

6. Implementation of Blockchain At the moment, Blockchain is disrupting several industries and we expect this concept will impact the warehousing sector as well. Blockchain will facilitate the ease of cross-border transactions, global supply chain financing, speed up inventory processing and make trade more secure.

Which trend will you leverage in 2020?